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NutriSmart® Improves Turf and Soil Quality

Successful application of NutriSmart® to golf courses and other turf facilities has demonstrated NutriSmart® values in better turf and soil quality (Michigan State University [Ref.1] turf study report, MI, USA 2004, Clemson University [Ref.2] turf study report, SC, USA 2003, and Hong Kong Golf Club [Ref.3] turf study report, Hong Kong 2003). Containing microbes and other completely natural and safe materials, NutriSmart® is capable of significantly reducing chemical fertiliser usage, hence minimises leaching of chemical pollutants into the surrounding environment. With reduced input of chemical fertilisers, NutriSmart® is able to maintain equivalent or achieve even better turf quality. Particularly, it has shown increased turf root density in a number of studies. With higher root mass, turf appears to be stronger with better resistance to various environmental stresses, and better water conservation is expected.

Results of studies conducted by China Academy of Agricultural Science and Beijing Forest University, China have respectively shown that NutriSmart® granules have the ability to fix nitrogen and release phosphorus and potassium, providing significant references to NutriSmart®’s function in promoting plant macronutrient efficiency. Besides, application of NutriSmart® can improve CEC (cation exchange capacity) and organic matter contents in soils, thus achieving sustainable growth of turf and improving soil fertility. More exchangeable cation retention and organic substances in topsoil also help maintain healthy microbial flora in soil. Moreover, due to the humic materials in the granules, including humic acids and fulvic acids, NutriSmart® is expected to enhance soil nutrient balance in the longer term.

In summary, NutriSmart® is designed to grow better turf with these benefits:
denser turf root systems
more sustainable supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
increased absorption of water and mineral nutrients in soil
higher survival against environmental stresses
reduced chemical fertiliser application, which is better for soil conservation and groundwater quality

Summaries of trials conducted in the USA and Hong Kong are available via the following links:

Ref.1 Michigan State University, MI, USA
Ref.2 Clemson University, SC, USA
Ref.3 Hong Kong Golf Club, Hong Kong

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