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CK Life Sciences Int'l., (Holdings) Inc.

CK Life Sciences Group ("CK Life Sciences" or "the Group") is a Hong Kong-based biotech group of companies. A member of CK Hutchison Group which operates in over 50 countries, CK Life Sciences is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Through the development and application of revolutionary biotechnology solutions, the Group is committed to the improvement of human health and environmental sustainability. To date, the Group has developed a wide array of products categorised into two broad areas-environment and human health. A number of the Group's inventions have been granted patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The Group has been selected as one of 30 global "Technology Pioneers 2004" by the World Economic Forum. Technology Pioneers are companies that develop and apply highly innovative and visionary technologies with the potential to make substantial impact on business and society in the future. A majority of the 30 designated "Technology Pioneers 2004" are from the US, and only 2 companies are from Asia, including CK Life Sciences.

Based on its proprietary technology platform, the Group has developed a broad portfolio of immuno-enhancing nutraceutical products and pharmaceuticals in the area of human health. A series of environmental products, including eco-fertilisers and bioremediation solutions, etc., have also been developed. With these environmental products, the Group is actively taking the initiative in addressing the most pressing problems associated with traditional practices of agricultural production and waste treatment, in order to facilitate sustainable development and enhance our environment.

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